Soon approaching is the date in which the books Collective Commentary about the Package Travel Directive and Derecho del Turismo en las Américas, will be launched, ventures with two years of effort.

More than 100 authors, brought together in 4 volumes, a total of approximately 3,000 pages, as well as collaborations with several universities from Europe (Salamanca, Sorbonne, Milano-Bicocca, Sassari and Calabria) and Latin America (Buenos Aires, Magallanes, Nacional Autónoma de México, Uruguay and Río Negro).

The books’ launch will be part of the programme of the International Web Conference on Tourism Law in Europe and Latin America, marking the second day of the conference (21 October).

Moreover, on the other two days (19 and 23 October), the conference will feature speeches by the various authors of both books, who will talk, among other things, about the institutional organisation of tourism, the legal discipline of accommodation, the distribution (travel agencies, online operators), restaurants, gastronomy and bars, tourist transport or alternative tourism in their respective countries.

As a Web Conference, it will take place, as the name indicates, through the Internet, making use of the Zoom platform to bring together the other participants. It will be possible to attend the conference live via Facebook (watch here).

A small event in person, with the subsequent restrictions of the pandemic and the state of calamity, will be held at Cascais Visitor Center, which has a large wall with screens, great for transmitting the Zoom meeting with excellent quality. We have already used this space for the launching of the 1st edition of the book Sustainable Tourism Law.

This conference also aims to prepare the ground for a future book, Tourism Law in Europe.