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ESHTE and the INATEL Foundation have just published Volume I of Competition Law in Tourism, the first international publication concerning competition law in the hospitality field and the overall tourism sector.

With 724 pages, this book, which is available online for free and in a loose-leaf print format, features several renowned world specialists on current issues.

After the general framework of competition in the tourism sector, the book identifies the traditional and recent actors, such as platforms, intermediation, the evolution of the market, concentrations, concerted practices and decisions of associations of companies. It also identifies agreements (horizontal and vertical), abuse of dominant position and state aids.

The publication also highlights antitrust laws in tourism, specifically airports and airlines, incentives for the development of new routes, air transport as a natural monopoly, slots, baggage restrictions, parity clauses, commission reductions and the competition rules of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

Concerning the disruptive New Distribution Capability (NDC), many experts point out different points of view, with IATA expressing its position, closing with the matter of tourist leasing and the collaborative economy.