Sunday, October 22nd 

Arrival of delegates, visit to the region and traditional group dinner.


Monday, October 23rd, Loures | Bucelas

9:30 Open session: [Public Entities and associations of wine tourism]

Chiara Tincani | Italy, University of Verona, The Italian regulation of wine tourism

Christine Lebel | France, University of Franche-Comté,  Legal constraints of enotourism in France

Noelia Santos Fernández | Spain, ICTE,  The Rule UNE-ISO 13810:2023 and enotourism

Enrico Gragnoli | Italy, University of Parma, Tourism, visits to vineyards, associated activities and classifying subordinate employment relationships

Apostolos Tassikas | Greece, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  An Attempt for a Legal Definition of Wine Tourism: A Typology and a conceptual Framework

João Vidal | Portugal, University of the Algarve, Wine tourist guides and their legal status

Cesare Galli | Italy, University of Parma, Italy Wine tourism and co-branding: synergies between territories’ productions of excellence and mutual promotion on international markets through IP rights

Manuel David Masseno | Portugal, Beja Polytechnic, On agricultural tenancy agreements for wine tourism 

Óscar Cruz Barney | Mexico, UNAM, Wine law and enotourism in Mexico 

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Visit to Bucelas, a wine region near Lisbon.


Santa Marta de Penaguião, Douro, The European Wine City 2023, October 24th and 25th

October 24th

9:30 [Public Entities and associations of wine and tourism] 

10:15 Sara D’Urso | Italy, University of Milano-Bicocca, The elements of a contract of wine tourism 

Alejandro Corral Sastre | Spain, CEU San Pablo University, Possibilities of wine tourism to face the problems of rural depopulation in Spain and the main challenges

Dimitris Mylonopoulos | Greece, University of West Attica, Legal Approaches for Sustainable Wine Tourism Development in Greece

Duilio Cortassa | Italy, A survey on wine tourism regulations in Italy and an extremely successful case study. The successful move from heritage to luxury wine tourism: the case of Marchesi di Barolo

Esteban Szmulewicz Ramírez | Chile, Catholic University of the North, Territorial planning and wine tourism in Chile 

Ermenegildo Mario Appiano | Italy, The Italian-specific discipline on “tourist harvest”

Francesco Torchia | Italy, University of Calabria, Tourist-cultural itineraries in Italian law: regulation of wine routes in southern Italy

Freddy Hung Gil | Cuba, University of Havana,  Wine Tourism and the Codex Alimentarius

12:00 Coffee break

12:30  Marcos Caridad | Spain, University of Salamanca, Wine tourism and law in the EU: tax profiles

Tatjana Josipovic | Croatia, University of Zagreb, Precontractual information in wine tourism services

Michael Wukoschitz | Austria, President Emeritus of IFTTA,  Wine tourism in Austria and the legal framework for the serving of wine

Valérie Augros  | France, Unive, The Legal discipline of Wine Tourism in France

13:30 Lunch

14.30 Visit to the region 


October 25th

9:00 Valentín Francisco Ugarte | Argentina, Protection of the Vineyard Landscape in Argentina, legal, cultural, and political aspects

Inmaculada Cabrera | Spain, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Defence of competition and the tourist who cannot differentiate between the two brands and whose confusion will have negative repercussions

Karolina Pruchniewicz | Poland, Wine Tourism as an Instrument for Promoting Sustainable Development in Polish Rural Areas: Legal and Practical Aspects

Andrej Micovic | Serbia, University of Kragujevac, The legal framework of wine tourism in Serbia

Marie Vandersenden | Germany, Wine Tourism in Germany and Legal Privileges of Gastronomic and Tourist Offers at Wineries

Angelo Venchiarutti | Italy, University of Trieste, Wine Tourism and their legal framework: the inspiration for olive oil tourism 

Olivier Mandel | France, Some of the main legal obstacles to the development of wine tourism in France and a short presentation of the French label “Vignobles & Découvertes”

Afonso Café | Portugal, University of the Algarve, UNWTO, soft law and wine tourism. The Georgia Declaration on Wine Tourism

Silvia Feliu | Spain, University of the Balearic Islands, ISO and Wine Tourism

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Ana Branca Carvalho | Portugal, IPV-ESTG,  Enotourism and local lodging – a legal perspective of the collaborative economy

João Amaral | Portugal, From European Agenda Wine Tourism to a draft code of the activity

Rodrigo Jardim Gonçalves | Portugal, The new European regulation Farm to Fork and Wine Tourism

Ermenegildo Mario Appiano | Italy, The Italian discipline on “tourist harvest”

Humberto Gosálbez | Spain, University of Cordoba, The rights of wine tourists and their protection by public administrations

13:00 Lunch

14.30 Visit to the region 


University of Buenos Aires, November 1st

Belén Ferrer | Spain, University of the Balearic Islands, The new Common Agricultural Policy and enoturism

Caterina del Federico | Italy, University of Bologna, The European Charter of Wine Tourism

Claudia Madrid | Venezuela, Central University of Venezuela, Some topics on consumer protection and wine tourism

Enrico Al Mureden | Italy, University of Bologna, Oenotourism, quality of wine products and consumer protection in the Italian legal system

Francisca Ramon Fernandez | Spain, Valencia Polytechnic University, Wine culture in Spain and its application in tourism: reference to the applicable legislation

Marcelly Fuzaro Gullo | Brazil, Wine tourism and its regulation by International Law

Péter Staviczky | Hungary, The State aid measures dedicated for the wine industry as regards remedying the impacts of the crisis

Lorenzo del Federico | Italy, University of Chieti-Pescara, Wine tourism and law in the EU: tax profiles 

Elizabeth Villalta | El Salvador, El Salvador: the production of fruit wines to make tourism more attractive

Josep Ramon Fuentes and Josep María Vidal | Spain, Rovira Virgili University, The protection of minor geographical units: the economic and cultural dimensions and the case of DOQ Priorat

Lenin Andara Suárez | Venezuela, University of the Andes,  Enotourism and the designation of origin “Ron de Venezuela”

Enrique Mota | Mexico, University of Caribe, Mexican Wine Tourism towards leadership and global resilience

Giuliano Lemme | Italy, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, The new EU wine labelling rules: revolution or substantial continuity?

Gonzalo Ferro | Argentina, Legal discipline of Wine Tourism in Argentina

Paola Gelato and Stefano Vergano | Italy topic standard for the production of green wine (decreto sostenibilità), making some references to the development of sustainable wine tourism

Ronan Raffray | France, University of Bordeaux, Legal constraints of wine tourism advertising in France

Nancho Nanchev | Bulgaria, Bulgarian Wine Tourism Law



November 12th and 13th, Porto Alegre (Brazil), Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)

November 12th (World Wine Tourism Day): Visit to Vale dos Vinhedos

November 13th – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

9:30 Open session: [Public Entities and associations of wine tourism]

Gianfranco Benelli | Italy, University of Sassari, The legal framework of wine tourism in Sardinia

Stefania Pedrabissi | Italy, University of Parma, Wine tourism and sustainability: a new regulatory horizon

Bruno Miragem | Brazil, UFRGS, Regulating Wine Tourism in South America

Roner Fabris | Brazil, UFRGS,  Vale dos Vinhedos: David against Goliath or preserve the landscape of the vineyards in the face of real estate pressure

Carlos Armas Morales | Peru, National Major University of San Marcos, Regulatory framework for the promotion of wine tourism in Peru

Cecilia Fresnedo de Aguirre | Uruguay, University of the Republic, Some private international law issues regarding wine tourism 

Edgardo Lovera Riquelme | Chile, Duoc UC, Governance of wine tourism in Chile

Flavia Medina | Argentina, University of Buenos Aires, Legal aspects of Wine Tourism in Argentina

Kelly Bruch | Brazil, UFRGS, The relationship between Geographical Indications and the impact on wine tourism

Ardyllis Soares | Brazil, UniCEUB, Farm to Fork Strategy in the Wine Tourism

Luciane Klein Vieira | Brazil, University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Legal aspects of enotourism in South America

Marcilio Toscano Franca-Filho | Brazil, Federal University of Paraíba, Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Wine Law

Mateo Estrella | Ecuador, Challenges of wine tourist regulation in a new producer country: the case of Ecuador

Omar Inchuste | Uruguay, Legal aspects of enotourism in Uruguay

Adriana Romero | Argentina, The Pampean experience with wine tourism and learn about the state of the art you are promoting in such regard

Sandra Salinas, Bolivia, Legal Framework of Wine Tourism in Bolivia



1st World Congress on Wine Tourism and the Law, Portugal, 22-25 October 2023